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Pamplona bull run selfie: Man running for his life snaps a selfie (no bull)

The annual Pamplona Bull Run festival, the Fiesta de San Fermin, is well documented. Residents and tourists flock to the streets of Pamplona to catch sight of the dozen or so feral bulls let loose on a sectioned-off half-mile subset of the town – and the buffoons who feel the need to risk a gore up the derrière.

But one man’s decision to snap an “extreme selfie” was not only idiotic, but illegal.

Reports, who also carried a blow-up of the man and his selfie-snapping ways... (You can’t miss him – he’s the boob who made the moronic decision to wear a bright red shirt; we know it’s tradition but really?):

Officials in the northern region of Spain passed a law this year to crack down on filming during the running of the bulls. Three Brits have been fined so far, including one who has to pay 650 euros for filming the bull run with a drone. The law says that anyone who endangers people's lives by filming or taking photos during the run could be fined up to $2,050.

The unidentified selfie taker now has something else tailing him – not a 1,000 pound toro but la policía.

CNN says that the man “faces a fine of about $4,100 (3,000 euros) under new Pamplona city rules that aim to make the globally famous bull running slightly safer.”

Slightly being the operative word. Still skedaddle for your life from a raging bos taurus who is intent at playing proctologist, but please, let’s not further endanger lives by saying "cheese" for some Twitter face time.

“The eight consecutive days of running ended on Monday, with a total of 42 people taken to hospital during the week. Among them, eight men who were gored, including three foreigners,” says CNN.

SkyNews adds: “The picture was taken during Friday's run, and since then Twitter users have been circulating the hashtag #eltontolmóvil, which means the idiot with the mobile.”

The guy with the smartphone? He made it out safe, and has the pics to prove it.

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