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Pampering our pets

Our pets are watching, as we work our way to retirement and question what will be in ours and their future. For the first time in history, the largest part of our population in the U.S. is past the age of 60 and either preparing to retire or have retired. And of those retired there is a large percentage (better than 60%) which have pets and will keep them into retirement. There is also the 30% of retired persons who will get a pet, as they are now able to stay at home with this pet and care for it in a way they want.

When we look at the bumper crop of businesses surrounding pet's in our society, it becomes obvious that the population who are retiring are not about to give up having a pet. So what is this new demographic of business and people. Well first the market for dog walkers has tripled in the last five years; Veterinarians have found their business growing even as they are retiring themselves; and let's not forget the pet supply outlets, such as PetCo, PetSmart, and the list goes on. What we do find of interest is the number of service animals is also on the rise.

As Americans, especially single ones (whether by design or other) look to their pets for the companionship which may be lacking in an ongoing basis in their lives. And, whether in, private pet day cares, pet spas, pet hydrotherapy, employment establishments which allow for pets to accompany employees to work; the truth is we are embracing pets on a whole new level.

Our pets are going with us, when left behind whether at a pet day care or in a kennel they are watched not only by the workers but also by pet cams, so we can look in on them a mire touch of a finger. There are clothes for our pets, jewelry and professionally designed pet necessities; along with specialty foods and exercise equipment. All of this goes to the reference of how and when we pamper our pets. This does not go to the spoiled pet; rather to the people who want a special companion which they can dote on and still feel good about. And the one thing everyone can say without any question is pet's love us unconditionally.

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