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Pamella Roland celebrates new collection at Lord & Taylor

Pamella Roland celebrates new collection at Lord & Taylor
Pamella Roland celebrates new collection at Lord & Taylor

Elegance was the watchword at the launch of Pamella Roland’s new collection “Pamella, lamella roland” at Lord and Taylor on Wednesday, April 2. Presented by Lord and Taylor’s Vice President Stephanie Solomon, the collection made its debut to the delight of those familiar with the designer’s classic style. The line takes inspiration from Pamella’s past collections for pieces with vintage panache, and a lower price point that the designer’s namesake line. Dresses in pastel peach, gold brocade and printed blue chiffon are accompanied by more muted gowns in black and silver, each with a price tag of under $1300.

Before introducing the line with the help of friend and colleague Nigel Barker, Ms. Roland took the time to chat with about her newest venture.

What was the impetus behind launching this collection?

Pamella Roland: First of all, we had so many archives of these great dresses, and for a designer, you have to come up with something new all the time. So our business is about a decade old, and we thought, we need to do something with these. We went back and thought [about] what the greatest sellers were, cocktail dresses and such. We did our research and found out what was missing was really this price point of cocktail dresses and gowns. So as we got into it, it was really easier than I thought it would be. I’m really a snob when it comes to fabric, and we were able to find some really beautiful fabrics. We have the Pamella Roland look; it’s just the price point that’s lower.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection?

Pamella Roland: We have a brocade dress; I have one on, and we started this whole collection to go after the younger [demographic]. I actually have two daughters in their 20s, and that was kind of my inspiration. My clothes were really expensive for them to wear. I would have loved to have had this line when they were going to prom. It’s amazing, we actually sell to all ages.

What would you say were some of your other motivations behind creating this line?

Pamella Roland: I think more than anything, getting a great dress at a lower price point. This [line] definitely has a wider audience.

Roland’s line is currently available in Lord and Taylor’s formal/eveningwear department and online at

Tyler Atwood contributed reporting.

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