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Pamela Z’s ROOM Series will conclude its season at the end of this month

Poster design for the final ROOM Series concert of the current season
Poster design for the final ROOM Series concert of the current season
courtesy of Pamela Z

The title of the final concert of the current season of Pamela Z’s ROOM Series is The Body Electroacoustic. The program will consist of four composer/performers presenting electronic music whose performance element includes control by gesture-based interfaces. Pamela Z will be one of the composers; and the others will be Jon Leidecker (who also performs under the name “Wobbly”), Donald Swearingen, and Kadet Kuhne. Kuhne’s composition will feature guest artists Suki O’Kane and Giselle Eastman, whose gestures will excite sonorities from vibraphone, bass drum, and clarinet.

The other composers will give solo performances. Swearingen’s piece will involve a series of sensor-based gesture-detecting instruments of his own design. Leidecker, on the other hand, uses a tablet as an interface, translating gestural strokes through the tablet’s touch-based interface into sonic events. Finally, Pamela Z’s gestures will be both manual and vocal, serving to trigger and transform live and sampled sounds. The result is that each performance will present its own distinctive approach to “composition” as an interplay between specification and improvisation, often drawing upon unpredictable elements on both the human and machine sides of the balance.

The Body Electroacoustic, like all other concerts in the ROOM Series, will be held in the intimate space of the Royce Gallery, located in the North East Mission Industrial Zone (NEMIZ) at 2901 Mariposa Street, Unit 18. The performance will take place this coming Thursday, July 31, at 8 p.m. General admission is $10; but online purchase through the Brown Paper Tickets event page also allows for buying a True Cost Ticket for $15, a price that more closely represents the cost of presenting the event.