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Pamela Phillips trial: Gary Triano murder timeline

Socialite gold digger on trial
Socialite gold digger on trial
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Pamela Phillips-Gary Triano Tuscon, AZ, Trial: ABC News is reporting today that the Aspen socialite car bombing trial is underway in Arizona. Jurors are listening to testimony in the trial of Pamela Phillips, an Aspen woman who is accused of hiring a hitman to murder her ex-husband Tuscon developer Gary Triano aka Gary Lee Triano at a country club in Arizona in 1996. Pamela Phillips faces life in prison.

Case background: Pamela Phillips Tuscon, AZ

Gary Triano was a well-known Tuscon real estate developer who was killed when a car bomb exploded as he attempted to enter his vehicle. His ex-wife, Pamela Phillips, was accused of hiring someone to kill him in order to collect on a $2 million dollar insurance policy.

Gary Triano's had just finished having lunch at a local country club when he was killed. Triano's golf partner had just waved goodbye to him when the car blew up in flames.

The case went cold for 10 years, until Pamela Phillips stopped making the scheduled payments to a man she hired to kill her husband. That hitman was Ronald Young, an ex-lover who became bitter once the payments stopped.

By the time police had enough evidence to arrest the beautiful socialite, whom police say was a gold digger, she had long vanished. Ronald Young was finally convicted in 2009. After 17 years, Pamela Phillips finally goes to trial in February 2014, according to the Arizona Daily Star.



  • Gary Triano marries Pamela Phillips.


November 5

  • Aspen socialite Pamela Phillips takes out a $2 million dollar insurance policy on her ex-husband Gary Lee Triano.


  • Gary Triano and Pamela Triano divorce.


  • Gary Triano loses money during the real estate decline and is in debt for over $25 million dollars. He eventually files bankruptcy, according to court records.



  • Gary Triano tells his girlfriend Deborah Taylor Shoberg that he is sure someone is following him.


  • Gary Triano tells his girlfriend that he believes someone followed him to Colorado.

Friday, November 1

  • Gary Lee Triano enjoys a game of golf with friend Luis Ruben Lopez. Later, the two golf buddies have lunch at a local bar and grill inside the Westin La Paloma Country Club.

5:30 p.m.

  • Gary Triano is headed to his surprise birthday party.
  • Luis Ruben Lopez waves goodbye to his friend Gary Triano but later hears an explosion and then sees a cloud of smoke.
  • As Lopez runs to the scene, he sees Gary Triano's car engulfed in flames. He last sees the victim with his head slightly tilted and his hand missing.
  • Police are dispatched to the Westin La Paloma Country Club located at 3800 E. Sunrise Drive, where they find the body of Gary Triano. The car bombing victim's gold Movado watch stops at 5:38 p.m. Gary Lee Triano is pronounced dead at the scene.

The Investigation

Police find a wooden box set to explode inside the 1989 Lincoln Town Car. Police are able to confirm that a Black powder pipe bomb was used to kill Triano.

Pamela Phillips Triano is questioned by police but is not named as a suspect.

Pamela Triano seems to be grieving for her ex-husband, according to friends and family.

The case goes cold.


  • Police still have no main suspect. An examination of Gary Triano's financial records indicate that he was having money problems.


  • Police are still actively working on the murder case but still have no leads.

November 2005

  • Police receive a tip and actively hunt for suspect Ronald Young. He is located in Florida after the case is featured on the show "America's Most Wanted."
  • Police say that Young is only a "person of interest" in the case.
  • Ronald Young is confirmed to be the ex-boyfriend of Pamela Phillips.
  • Police officials secretly gather evidence against Ronald Young and Pamela Phillips.



  • Federal investigators raid the home of Pamela Phillips located at 781 Meadowood Drive in Aspen. Police believe they can find evidence that links Phillips to death of Gary Triano.
  • Police remove several articles from the home.
  • Pamela Phillips is officially named as a suspect in her ex-husband's car bombing death. Court documents, show that police have recorded conversations and emails that confirm the socialite agreed to pay ex-boyfriend Ronald Young $400,000 to kill her ex-husband.



  • Gary Triano's children sue Pamela Phillips and Ronald Young for the wrongful death of their father.



  • Ronald Young, 66, is arrested in California for the murder of Gary Triano. He is booked into the Pima County Jail on a $5 million dollar bond.
  • Police issue an arrest warrant for ex-wife Pamela Phillips. Phillips is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder. Pamela Phillips has disappeared and is thought to have fled the U.S. She is considered a fugitive.
  • Ronald Young pleads not guilty.



  • Gary Triano's children are awarded $10 million dollars in damages.


  • Former wife Pamela Phillips is captured in Austria.



  • Ronald Young is found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to double life sentences in prison. He is not eligible for parole.


  • Pamela Phillips is extradited back to Tuscon. Bail is set at $5 million dollars.
  • Pamela Phillips pleads not guilty.

2014: Today's update in the case of Pamela Phillips


  • After almost two decades, trial begins for Aspen socialite Pamela Phillips. She is alert and actively engaging with the camera's at trial.

Tuesday, April 28

  • Pamela Phillips Trial: A jury has found Pamela Phillips guilty of first-degree murder. She is also found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, according to FOX News.
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