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Pamela Anderson: Romantic trip follows shocking abuse allegations

Pamela Anderson is on a romantic trip with her husband in France just a week after she revealed that she was sexually abused as a young girl. She grew up in Vancouver, so the claims are now being investigated by Canadian authorities. The former "Baywatch" star is focusing in on the moment though. On May 25, Radar Online reported on her romantic getaway with her husband. The two have been seen out and about in St. Tropez, and they are not hiding the public displays at all.

Anderson is married to Rick Salomon. The couple married for the second time in March, and they were first married in 2007. Anderson and Salomon have not had the best relationship. Anderson filed for divorce 10 weeks after their first marriage. She sited "irreconcilable differences" for the filing, but the couple were seen together again shortly after she filed the papers. This couple does seem to be quite happy now. They were seen kissing at several locations in St. Tropez. This includes the beach and the Le Club 55.

Anderson, who is best known for her role on television series "Baywatch," did have some trouble keeping her breasts contained during one beach outing. Photos of the couple out and about have surfaced, and she is shown trying to fix her top in some of the photos.

Anderson has been busy in recent weeks. She was at Cannes with Salomon, and she hosted an event for her new animal foundation. The organization will help raise money for both animal and environmental causes. It was during her trip to Cannes that she revealed that she was raped while growing up in Canada. In that country, there is no statute of limitations for the crime, so an investigation is now being conducted to look into her claims, according to First Post.

During the press conference where she revealed her claims, she reported three different incidences where she was raped. One incident involved a female babysitter when she was six. The second incident happened when she was 12 years old, and involved the brother of a friend. The last incident happened with her boyfriend when she was a teenager.

All of these allegations are very serious, and they will be investigated. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will interview Anderson about the rape allegations, but there has not been a statement released by the authorities about this case. With Anderson only revealing these incidents last week, the Canadian authorities need time to speak to her and to look into the claims. They cannot do that if she is still off vacationing in France.

It is not known why Anderson decided to share these incidents now. At the age of 46, she has made a life for herself. The Daily Mail reported that Anderson never even shared these incidents with her own mother. Her mother was "shocked" by her daughter's admission.

What do you think? Why did Pamela Anderson speak out about these childhood incidents now? Share your thoughts below.

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