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Pamela Anderson presents at World Music Awards after Sharon Stone a no-show

Pamela Anderson presents at the World Music Awards
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson looked like the sexy vixen that fans grew up with on Tuesday night walking the red carpet. The guest of the World Music Awards was presenting on stage, but she ditched her short hair for longer, sexier hair. Wearing extensions, she looked like the “Baywatch” star that the fans grew up watching on television. According to Fox News on Wednesday, the star wore voluminous blonde extensions to make up for the hair she previously chopped off.

Wearing a sleek white gown, the star strolled down the red carpet looking confident and ready for the evening. The fashion of the star seemed very familiar as the gown had a plunging neckline, she returned to her smoky eye makeup, wore sparkly heels and commanded the moment. She was looking just as sexy as the last time she had long hair, even though her extensions appeared to be a bit tossed about her head.

Apparently Pamela Anderson was a last minute addition to the 2014 World Music Awards and she had her work cut out for her. The star was stepping in for Sharon Stone. According to The Celebrity Café, Sharon was a no-show and another celebrity had to be called. Pamela Anderson showed up on the red carpet ready to work, but she admitted to the paparazzi she hadn't even gotten the chance to rehearse her lines.

Luckily, the World Music Awards had a big delay in getting started on Tuesday night. Mariah Carey was running very late and held up the production. Obviously it was a bad moment for the show, but it did allow Pamela Anderson time to get ready for her segment on the program.

As the World Music Awards is usually a smooth award show with thousands of people watching around the country, it sounds like the latest show was a nightmare for production.

The 2014 World Music Awards airs Wednesday night on NBC.

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