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Pamela Anderson is still sexy at 46 years old

Pamela Anderson has appeared in a series of provocative photos which shows she remains as alluring as ever at 46 years old. E! Online reported on March 19, 2014 in a recent sans clothes photo shoot for Purple magazine Anderson left nothing to the imagination in the racy shots.

 Pamela Anderson arrives at an affair in Los Angeles, California
Pamela Anderson arrives at an affair in Los Angeles, California
Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Anderson said she doesn't usually love pictures of herself but admits she is at times a bit of an exhibitionist. Actually, she seems to enjoy having sexy photos taken of her. She sees this new series of racy photos as a launching pad for what she'll do now. Anderson commented, "While looking at the pictures I was thinking to myself, is that really me?...It still was a shock to see how strong I look."

In an interview with Elle Anderson recounts her early years in Hollywood and the influence Hugh Hefner had on her. She remembers telling Hefner she had a crazy boyfriend and he told her she wasn't going anywhere with a crazy boyfriend. Hefner than put her up in a mansion in Bel-Air with an opera singing Chinese maid, and next she was driving a Bentley. When a friend asked her why she was living in a mansion, she replied, "Isn’t this what happens when people move to LA?’” And after all of these years Anderson is still coming on strong and looking great.