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Pam Grier is still reigning queen of Black Hollywood

Pam Grier
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The incomparable Pam Grier became a world renowned and legendary icon during the Blaxploitation film era.

The Blaxploitation film era of the 1970s was an exclusive Black cinema, featuring African-American actors and actresses based upon negative stereotypes of urban life.

The Blaxploitation film era was both a blessing and a curse for African-American actors and actresses.

African-American actors and actresses were showcased in starring movie roles, while these same actors and actresses would have been subjected to benign neglect by a discreetly segregated Hollywood.

Among the most famous and iconic Blaxploitation films during the 1970s included: “Shaft” (Richard Roundtree), “Super Fly” (Ron O’Neal), “Sweet, Sweet Back’s Baadasssss Song” (Melvin Van Peebles), “The Mack” (Max Julian), “Black Ceasar” (Fred Williamson), “Dolemite” (Rudy Ray Moore), “Across 110th Street” (Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto & Antonio Fargas), “Three The Hard Way” (Jim Brown, Fred Williamson & Jim Kelly), “Black Belt Jones” (Jim Kelly), “Cotton Comes To Harlem” (Godfrey Cambridge & Raymond St. Jacques), “Blacula” (William Marshall), “Cleopatra Jones” (Tamara Jones), “Fort Apache, The Bronx” (Pam Grier), “Greased Lightning” (Richard Pryor & Pam Grier), “Sheba, Baby (Pam Grier), “Coffy” (Pam Grier), and “Foxy Brown” (Pam Grier).

Although Grier was widely criticized by the NAACP for portraying negative Black stereotypes of urban life, the legendary actress became the leading heroine of the 1970s Blaxploitation film era.

This diva and former Colorado beauty contestant was a gifted thespian at the top of her acting craft during the 1970s Blaxploitation film era.

Grier was breathtakingly and awesomely beautiful, and her work during the 1970s Blaxploitation film era conjured false images of sexploitation.

Grier portrayed an attractive, high class, vigilante karate expert in the classic iconic film “Foxy Brown.”

“I showed this in the pictures, and it was just so ugly and people saw it and said (‘Wow! That’s really the way it is.’),” Grier reportedly said.

Renowned Hollywood filmmaker Quinton Tarantino paid tribute to Grier by casting the iconic actress in his 1977 film “Jackie Brown.”

The Blaxploitation film era transformed a beauty contestant into “Sheba, Baby,” and then a vigilante karate expert prostitute name “Foxy Brown” with cinematic “Greased Lightning,” until the iconic actress became the undisputed reigning queen of Black Hollywood.

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