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Pam Courson and the 27 club

Pam Courson may be the only member of the 27 club that was never a rock ‘n’ roll star herself, she earned it the hard way, alongside Jim Morrison. Courson was Jim Morrison’s long time girlfriend, ‘cosmic mate’, muse, the person that was with Morrison from before he was a rock star until Paris and beyond.

Courson was a good match for Morrison she reportedly could match his derring-do. If Morrison drove the winding roads of Mulholland Drive at night without lights, Courson matched the challenge. She equaled Morrison in the intake of drugs, it’s Courson’s heroin habit that led either indirectly or directly to Morrison’s death (although Morrison walking the parapet for a long time). And of course in affairs, both she and Morrison engaged in sexual relationships with other people.

After her return from Paris, after Morrison’s death Courson was broken up and breaking apart at the seams. Her grief over Morrison’s death was nearly inconsolable. Ray Manzarek reported that he went to talk to Courson when she came back from Paris and all she could do was cry while Manzarek held her. Some of Courson’s grief could have been guilt over Morrison’s death either in her introducing Morrison to heroin or that Morrsion got into her stash thinking it may be cocaine or just wanting to try it. In any event Courson blamed herself for Morrison’s death. Courson spiraled out of control, she sued The Doors for Morrison’s quarter of the royalties as Morrison's widow and heir. In an effort to relive the past she took up with a UCLA film student who was in a band, and her drug habit worsened. In what was probably a self-fulfilling prophecy, Courson was found dead in her apartment of an apparent heroin overdose by her mother on the morning of April 25, 1974 she was 27 years old.

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