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Palutena announced as a new fighter in the next ‘Super Smash Bros.’ titles

The character Palutena, who was announced as a new fighter in the next "Super Smash Bros." titles
The character Palutena, who was announced as a new fighter in the next "Super Smash Bros." titles
Image courtesy of the official "Super Smash Bros." Facebook page:

The website has announced a new fighter for the next two “Super Smash Bros.” titles. That fighter is Palutena from the “Kid Icarus” series, and she was announced on June 10, 2014. The next “Super Smash Bros.” titles will release on October 3, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS, and in the Holiday of 2014 for the Wii U. With the addition of Palutena, the roster of characters has reached thirty two fighters. Palutena is the eighth new fighter to be added to the roster.

Palutena was introduced in a fully animated cutscene that appeared to be straight from an anime. The cutscene showed Link and Pit fighting, with Pit losing the battle. Eventually, Palutena steps in, appearing to be simply aiding Pit. Instead, she joins the battle and attacks Link. The trailer also ended with another animated cutscene showing Dark Pit descending from the sky behind Palutena. It is not certain what his appearance means, but players will probably know sometime soon.

As stated previously, Palutena is from the “Kid Icarus” franchise. This will be her first appearance as a fighter in the “Super Smash Bros.” series, but she has had a previous, non-playable appearance in the series. In “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” she appeared during Pit’s Final Smash when he summoned Palutena’s Army to attack his enemies. Pit has since been given a new Final Smash, so Palutena is now free to become a full fighter.

Palutena, from the limited footage that was shown, appears to be a medium weight fighter, in the vein of Peach and Zelda. She does appear to be quite fast too, though obviously not as fast as someone like Fox or Sonic. She uses a variety of attacks that appear to utilize both her magic powers and physical abilities. Her attacks appear to have wide ranges, and many can hit enemies on both sides of her. She also has two defensive abilities, one that works like Marth and Greninja’s counters, and another that puts up a wall that reflects projectiles.

To learn more about the next “Super Smash Bros.” titles, visit their official website:

"Super Smash Bros." official website

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