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Pals for pups

Indoor playtime
Indoor playtime

Do you have an energetic dog that needs a bit more attention during the day,but can't get it because you're at work? Or maybe you know you will be running errands all day and don't want to leave Fido at home alone that long. Here is the solution to those problems.

Pals for Pups. Pals is located Plum Grove and Nerge and is a dog obedience, play care, boarding and grooming facility. It is run by Patti Howerton and Val LaFontaine, people who truly care about the dogs they take care of. Patti has been teaching dog obedience at local park districts since 1975, and partnered with Val in 2006 to open Pals.

The facility is large, with plenty of space for the dogs to run and play. Smaller dogs have their own area to play, so there are no worries about the little ones being trampled on by the larger dogs that may not see them until they are underfoot.

Another plus is daily naptime. The doors close between 11am and 1pm for naptime and lunch. Which is great for the dogs, because all that playing can really wear a pooch out! There is also ample outside play space with things to climb on and a pool in warmer weather.

More Info: Pals for Pups, 841 E. Nerge Road, Roselle IL 60172