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Palomino's tail and mane cut off in act of vandalism investigated by NYSP

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In Walworth, the New York State Police are investigating a malicious attack on Lisa Anne Kreger's beautiful palomino horse named Dusty reported

On Monday morning, as Kreger entered the barn to feed Dusty, she found the horse's tail, mane and forelock had been cut off; the letter "R" had also been spray painted across the horse's body and on the door of the stall.

Kreger believes she was targeted. Nothing in the barn was stolen, and nothing else was vandalized. The owner of the barn, Mike Bellingham, stated it was the nastiest thing he had ever seen anyone do; the other horse in the barn was not touched.

Dusty was not physically harmed.

"This is my Dust. He means so much to me. I believe this was a Hate Crime. They defaced my horse; this innocent 4 yr. old horse, to get to me... It is the same as if someone went in your child's room, cut of all of his four year old hair and spray painted a mark on him. I will share this far and wide, please do the same," stated Kreger.

Kreger suffers from PTSD, and Dusty has helped her overcome her nightmares. On her Facebook page Tuesday morning, kind people from all over the United States and abroad, expressed their concerns and condolences for Dusty, who can no longer swat flies with his once beautiful tail. One person has offered to donate a fly blanket for Dusty for the horse's summer comfort.

On Monday afternoon, the spray painted "R" was scrubbed away, but the personal assault on an innocent animal and a horse lover still remains. If anyone has any information about this "hate crime" please contact the New York State Police.

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