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Palo Alto Gets a Release Date

A while back we told you that the new film from Gia Coppola Palo Alto had been picked up by Tribeca Films. The films stars Emma Roberts and James Franco and deals with the emotions and issues all teenagers must face. It looks like and exceptional drama and plans to be released May 9th in limited theaters.

"Gia Coppla's Palo Alto hits theaters May 9th!"
Tribeca Films

I’m sure this will also receive an on demand release as there is some A+ talent surrounding the film. The story involves April (Emma Young) who is in love with her soccer coach (Franco) and struggles with the normal day to day of the high school student. When a friend of hers also takes a liking things start to turn for the worse for everyone involved. Palo Alto is the directorial debut of Gia Coppola. The story is derived from a series of short stories created by James Franco. Once we get our hands on the film a review will follow shortly. For now enjoy these few new images from Tribeca.

For more information on Palo Alto visit their official site:

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