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Palms resort rolls out 24-hr checkout policy in Las Vegas***

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has added a new 24 Hour Checkout policy, allowing some travel flexibility for guests
Courtesy flipchip / via Wiki Commons Attribution-Share Alike licensure

Most Las Vegas hotels have standard room checkout times of 11 A.M. Sometimes, that crimps all the fun out of an all-nighter party schedule in Vegas. The Palms just introduced a new 24 - Hour Checkout policy (according to a Palms press release published yesterday, 3/6/2014) and is claiming to be the first major hotel in the US to offer such a program. The new policy allows guests to check out of rooms at the same specific clock time 24 hours after actual check in time. For example, guests checking in at 9 P.M. can check out at 9 P.M. the following day. The policy applies to the majority of offered room types at the property.

There are a few conditions in order for guests to enjoy this added travel flexibility perk at the Palms.

  • Potential guests must book rooms exclusively through the hotel booking engine at
  • Guests must provide the hotel with mobile phone numbers for text communication (they will send a reminder text about proper check out times on the scheduled day of departure).
  • The latest available check out time for the new policy will be 11 P.M. For example, guests checking in at 12 midnight will still have to check out by 11 P.M. on scheduled departure dates.
  • Available room types allowable with the new policy are Superior King, Superior Queen, Premier King, Premier Queen, and Ivory Suites.

This policy applies for multi-night stays as well, allowing guests some flexibility in check-in times to tweak the most out of the new program. Regardless, the key thing to stow away is the 11 P.M. latest allowable check-out time. Standard check-in time at the hotel is 3 P.M.

This new policy has Vegas written all over it, allowing some options for visitors. It's cool thus far. The kicker is, at least for now, no additional charges will be billed for utilizing the new program. That 'no-additional-charges' aspect likely won't last very long. This change will potentially increase both revenue and costs for the Palms. On the other side, some guests might be willing to pay for this option, up to some unknown point. We'll see.


*** Article update : Unfortunately, this policy has been suspended at the Palms. Great things seldom last long.

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