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Palmer bead store serves tourists and local artists

Check out some of Vickie Miller's wares in Palmer, Alaska!
Check out some of Vickie Miller's wares in Palmer, Alaska!
Kellie Davis

When looking for a bead store in Anchorage, Wasilla, or Palmer, the amazing little store packed with curious beads of all shapes and sizes and materials is just off of Arctic Avenue past Madd Matters and the architect building, and on Bonanza Street in Palmer is the place to go.

These are just some of the beads you can find with Alaska Vickie!
Kellie Davis

Owner Vickie Miller, an accomplished bead artist and crafter, moved her shop just behind Napa Auto Parts when she had to leave her old location in downtown Palmer. This little blue building is begging for attention with the beads and sun catchers in the window, and while she moved to this location four years ago, many people have not realized where she has gone in spite of still being in downtown Palmer.

When AFE discovered Vickie’s store, "Miller Enterprises," AFE had gotten herself into what she thought was a bind that Vickie not only quickly assured her was not a bind, but was a great excuse to learn a new craft. Since money was a problem to AFE, Vickie didn’t see it as such—rank beginners didn’t need to be overwhelmed, Vickie told her, and she could always come back for more baubles when she was ready for them. As it is with local shop owners and the best reason to shop locally, when AFE got stuck on her project, she simply took it in to the store and Vickie quickly showed her how to fix her jewelry making problem! If you have a project such as a knitting project that requires beads, Vickie is more than happy to help you find what you need.

What AFE liked most about Vickie’s shop was her selection of Alaskan beads. A crafter who travels to the 49th State who brings $50 with them can buy bunches of her Alaskan themed and stone beads (starting at $1.50) and put them on rosaries, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces when they return home for friends with whom who they want to share their trip. If they want to take home actual jewelry made in Alaska by an Alaskan artist, Vickie’s wares are beautiful and high quality and she carries everything from plastic beads for a child's project to Swarovski crystals and prescious stones. (Vickie is so good that she can even pronounce "Swarovski"!) Right now, she enjoys making wire wrapped confections with all kinds of wire. This is good for Vickie because she is busy and not making anything on an assembly line, but it is great for the customer who has a range of prices that they may want to spend.

If you missed visiting the Best Bead Store in the Valley or you can't make it in to see her right away, you may visit Vickie’s bead store, AlaskaVicki, at Etsy!

Her shop hours are 11am to 5:30pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 12 to 4 on Saturday. Give her a call at (907) 745-0100.