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Palm tree inspired windsock

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A palm tree inspired windsock is a creative and budget friendly craft since it is made entirely out of paper. The palm tree windsock pictured here was created with tracing paper and water color paper, but recycled paper or junk mail could be used for this craft. Making crafts out of recycled materials is also a sustainable way to craft, and illustrates how hobbies such as crafting can be engaging for everyone. The windsock is also educational for kids because not as much art is taught in American schools today, so parents can fill in this gap by engaging in arts and crafts activities with their children at home. Parents can also use this craft to talk about science topics, such is how the wind makes the windsock move. The windsock pictured here was created with the following steps:

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Step 1

Use a ruler to mark of the measurements for the streamers on the tracing paper. The tracing paper was used for the streamer part of the windsock because it easily flutters in the wind.

Step 2:

Use water paint to create light green and dark green alternating stripes on the tracing paper, which emulate the shades found in the fronds of a palm tree.

Step 3

Use black and brown water paint to create the palm trunk on the water color paper. The water color paper is used for the sock portion because it is more durable than regular drawing paper.

Step 4:

Allow both sheets of paper to dry completely.

Step 5:

Use scissors to cut the fringes of the streamers.

Step 6:

Use the stapler to attach the streamers to the brown paper, which is the trunk of the palm tree.

Step 7:

Use a stapler or tape to secure the sock portion of the windsock, which is the trunk of the palm tree. This windsock will look like an upside down palm tree swaying in the wind.

Step 8:

Make a hanger for the windsock by punching two holes in the sock, and then thread through and tie off a piece of brown yarn.

Step 9:

Hang up the windsock and watch it flutter in the wind.


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