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Palm oil fuels Greenpeace security breach at Proctor and Gamble

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Cincinnati, Ohio suffered a major security breach yesterday, as a protester, donning a tiger suit, hung from a zip line stretched between Proctor and Gamble's 17 story twin towers. Joined by at least eight other Greenpeace activists, 60-foot banners were unveiled, as they rappelled down to Cincinnati Police officers waiting to arrest them. Local12 news reported Greenpeace being upset about how Proctor and Gamble (P&G) obtains Indonesian palm oil, ultimately aiding in deforestation. Cincinnati Business Journal sited Proctor and Gamble products such as Head & Shoulders shampoo, Olay skin care products, and Gillette shaving gel as being produced from Indonesian palm oil.

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Fox19 reports all nine activists were charged with burglary and vandalism, breaking locks and windows, according to police. Cincinnati Police Sgt. Julian Johnson said,

"We think that they walked in somehow. We're not sure how, but they got into the building. It's a concern for all of us. This is a pretty locked down facility and it's pretty concerning to all of us".

With police likening Proctor and Gamble security to being like "Fort Knox", the investigation on how activists were able to flood the facility continues. Local12 mentioned police were locked out of the P&G balconies during the hour long invasion, as activists broke locks off and blocked doors with braces.

P&G says it's working with police to figure out what caused the security breach. As for the rain forest issue the company said,

"Deforestation is a significant issue and it's committed to the sustainable sourcing of palm oil".

Fox19 released the list of daring activists, now being represented by Bill Gallagher:

  • Jesse Coleman, 28, Washington D.C.
  • Mike Herbert, 30, Chicago, Ill.
  • Marcella Larges, 28, Baltimore, Md.
  • Charles Long, 34, Oakland, Calif.
  • Sean O'Brien, 22, Oakland, Calif.
  • Denise Rodriguez, 20, Corona, N.Y.
  • Tyler Sanville, 28, Santa Cruz, Calif.
  • Nima Shahidi, 29, Fallston, Md.
  • Tyler Wilkerson, 26, San Diego, Calif.

Despite yesterday's arrests, Greenpeace tweeted their success. The #ProtectParadise movement includes their Facebook posts that claim Indonesia's forests are being destructed at a rate of 140 Olympic sized swimming pools per hour - for palm oil cultivation. Greenpeace takes the position that clearing rain forests to cultivate palm trees is not only pushing animals closer to extinction, but also speeding climate change. Animals like the Sumatran tiger (which are down to less than 400 in existence), wild orangutans, and pygmy elephants are among the endangered.

If deforestation and animal endangerment is important to you, join Greenpeace by taking action. Sign their petition asking Proctor and Gamble to make their products "forest friendly".

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