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Palm Beach team and Spring Hill woman are new leaders in Florida state tourney

Week 9 FSBA tournament leaders have been released to
Week 9 FSBA tournament leaders have been released to

When bowlers take to the lanes for the final weekend (June 28-29) of the 80th annual Florida State Bowling Association championship tournament in Orlando, there will be new and higher scores to beat in two of the eight event categories.

According to up-to-date unofficial standings released to on Monday (June 23), there were changes atop the leaderboard in scratch team and handicap singles.

A Palm Beach team called Oregon Ducks -- consisting of Adam Colton, Rickie Sajek, Mark Booke, Steve Wilson and Paul Koehler -- fired a three-game pinfall of 3,502 to relegate Mike's Pro Shop No. 4 of Miami to the runner-up position with 3,410.

The new handicap singles leader is Victoria Navarro of Spring Hill, who posted a score of 857, six pins better than the 851 that had previously given Anthony Hampton of Ocala the lead.

Thomas Slusser of Bradenton continues his longtime leadership in handicap all-events with a nine-game net score of 2,363, and Matthew Gilman of Broward County is still atop scratch all-events with 2,210.

Holding firm in the doubles classifications are: Robert Platz and Jon Blum of Citrus County, handicap (1,669), and Craig Montesi and Michael Moore of Orlando, scratch (1,481). And the other continuing leaders are: Once Rivals Now Teammates of Tallahassee, in handicap team competition with 3,778, and Jeremy Mooney of Palm Beach in scratch singles (782).

Among representatives of the Sarasota-Manatee County USBC Bowling Association, Darlene Bonds made the biggest impact over the weekend, moving into the No. 4 position in handicap all-events with 2,304, and she is also tied for 52nd in handicap singles with 784.

Cynthia Territo of Sarasota is now tied for 43rd in handicap singles with 790, and three area teams are listed among the handicap team leaders: Friends & Family No. 4 (10th at 3,519), Wagler Homes (11th at 3,518) and C&L Awards (tied for 45th at 3,419).

The tournament's perfect-game total climbed to 14 when Jamey Osborn Jr. of the Space Coast Bowling Association strung 12 consecutive strikes in doubles competition on Sunday.

The current top three in each tournament category, plus any Sarasota-Manatee County bowlers in the Top 75:

  • TEAM EVENT HANDICAP: 1, Once Rivals, Now Teammates (Tallahassee) 3,778; 2, James Team (Space Coast) 3,648; 3, Mike's Pro Shop No. 4 (Miami) 3,607. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: 9th, Fletcher's Bunch 3,523; 10th, Friends & Family #4 3,519; 11th, Wagler Homes 3,518; 15th, Four Aces 3,494; tie 45th, DJ & Crew 3,419; tie 45th, C&L Awards 3,419.]
  • TEAM EVENT SCRATCH: 1, Oregon Ducks (Palm Beach) 3,502; 2, Mike's Pro Shop No. 4 (Miami) 3,410; 3, Flying Circus II (Seminole County) 3,207. [Sarasota-Manatee entrant: 66th, Semi-Pro 2.878.]
  • DOUBLES HANDICAP: 1, Robert Platz and Jon Blum (Citrus County) 1,669; 2, Lauren Bland and Mike Mojzak (Orlando) 1,602; 3, Craig Montesi and Michael Moore (Orlando) 1,567. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: 9th, Tom Slusser and Stephen Gergle (Bradenton) 1,523; tie 18th, Ian Gray and Thomas McTigue (Bradenton) 1,505; 32nd, Ed Swietek and Ed Slusser (Bradenton) 1,479.]
  • DOUBLES SCRATCH: 1, Craig Montesi and Michael Moore (Orlando) 1,481; 2, Doug Becker and Todd Minotti (Orlando) 1,467; 3, Korey Cieslinski and Richard Stefanik (Jacksonville) 1,422. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: tie 51st, Ed Swietek and Ed Slusser (Bradenton) 1,245; tie 64th, Derek Lucas and Brent Dykstra (Venice) 1,234.]
  • SINGLES HANDICAP: 1, Victoria Navarro (Spring Hill) 857; 2, Anthony Hampton (Ocala) 851; 2, Chris Giacamino (Orlando) 848. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: tie 13th, Tom Slusser (Bradenton) 818; tie 31st, Curtis Miccichi (Bradenton) 798; tie 43rd, Cynthia Territo (Sarasota) 790; 50th, Ronnie Hayes (Bradenton) 786; tie 52nd, Darlene Bonds (Sarasota) 784; tie 57th, Beth Owen-Cipielewski 783.]
  • SINGLES SCRATCH: 1, Jeremy Mooney (Palm Beach) 782; 2, Michael Moscato (Space Coast) 767; 3, Tyson Kurth (Ocala) 762. [Sarasota-Manatee entrant: tie 18th, Ronnie Hayes (Bradenton) 730.]
  • ALL-EVENTS HANDICAP: 1, Tom Slusser (Bradenton) 2,363; 2, Lauren Bland (Orlando) 2,349; 3, Angeline Rolle (Port St. Lucie) 2,305. [Sarasota-Manatee entrants: 4th, Darlene Bonds (Sarasota) 2,304; tie 24th, Ed Swietek (Bradenton) 2,244; tie 35th, Preston Willis (Bradenton) 2,224; 75th, Ian Gray (Bradenton) 2,187.]
  • ALL-EVENTS SCRATCH: 1, Matthew Gilman (Broward County) 2,210; 2, Michael Moore (Orlando) 2,175; 3, Bobby Walters Jr. (Broward County) 2,154.

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