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Palm Bay shooting: Student shooting of possible attacker could mean expulsion

A student at Eastern Florida State College could be expelled after police say he shot another man
A student at Eastern Florida State College could be expelled after police say he shot another man
Wikimedia Commons User Leonard J. DeFrancisci

Palm Bay shooting news has a man shot by a student on the Eastern Florida State College campus. The Palm Bay shooter is being identified as Landrick Hamilton, who may have fired at 25-year-old Amado Contreras in self-defense. According to a report from Thursday (Jan. 30), police are still trying to piece details together in the incident.

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What police are currently stating is that Contreras and his brother Landyer attacked Hamilton with a pool cue in front of the college's main building. During the fight it is reported that Hamilton was able to get a gun from his car and fire off one shot. That is when Amado Contreras was hit in the chest. His injuries are being called non life-threatening at this point.

What is making the investigation a bit tougher is that all three men are claiming self-defense, but only one is a student that should have been on campus. The bad news for Hamilton is that even if he was just trying to defend himself, he could face expulsion from school. This Palm Bay shooting took place on the Eastern Florida State College, where it is prohibited from possessing or exhibiting guns. The tricky part is that the rule doesn't apply to guns in cars.

EFSC Spokesman John Glisch talked about possible discipline for Hamilton, stating that, "If it was his gun, and he did bring it onto campus, he’d be subject to student discipline up to and including expulsion.”

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