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Palm Bay shooting: 1 victim in college shooting, violent argument led to gunfire

Yellow tape used at a local crime scene
Yellow tape used at a local crime scene
Photo File, Wikimedia Commons

A Palm Bay shooting has left 1 victim shot in the chest and in critical condition this week. On the Eastern Florida State College campus, police investigators say that a violent argument broke out this Thursday afternoon. The CS Monitor confirms this Jan. 30, 2014, that the physical altercation eventually escalated to gunfire once one of the men involved in the brawl ran to his car and took out a gun, shooting one of his assailants.

The Palm Bay shooting occurred shortly after 12 p.m. local time at Eastern Florida State College, specifically on an edge of the school’s Palm Bay Campus. Officials have reported that 1 man was shot in the chest; the victim has since been rushed to a nearby hospital and remains in critical condition at this time.

The violent argument allegedly broke out between three men in total, though the reason for the brawl was not immediately made clear. Two male suspects were said to be fighting with the third individual Thursday afternoon when the man who was being attacked fled to his car in the parking lot. Once there, he allegedly took a gun out from a dashboard compartment and shot one of the attackers directly in the chest.

Although the extent of their injuries have not been verified at this time, both men involved in the Palm Bay shooting — the 1 victim with a gunshot wound and the shooter that was being beaten up — have been taken to a local medical center for emergency care. The third man was said by Florida Today news sources to currently be in police custody and under questioning over the campus gunfire incident.

The names of the three males involved have not been released by authorities yet. Shortly after the shooting occurred, a spokesman for the Eastern Florida State Campus said that the entire school was set on an immediate lockdown, and classes have been cancelled for the remainder of this Thursday. They are set to begin again on regular scheduling this Friday.