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Palindrome week: Dates this weeks are all palindromes aka reversible

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Palindrome week mania is here. In simple terms, this odd holiday means that every date this calendar week are the same read backward and forward in the United States and elsewhere. Coupled with freebies on Tax Day 2014 and ahead of Easter Sunday, this quirky holiday should be very interesting, citing an April 14 NewsMax report.

Palindrome week history dates back to the 17th century and was made popular by English writer Ben Jonson. Essentially, the derivation of the word was taken from the Greek rook, "palin," (not Sarah) and "dromos" (not drones). Simply put, a palindrome is a word, element, phrase, string of words, or phrases.

Words like Hannah, eye, racecar, and mom are popular words. And strings of words like, "Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?" "Do geese see God?" and "Murder for a jar of red rum" are examples of palindrome phrases.

While it's Palindrome week in the United States, the whimsical holiday is only celebrated in other countries that have a dateline that begins with the month in this format: 12/12/1234. And while some people are fascinated about the reversibility factor and use this week to share another trending Twitter hashtag, one person has another take on the so-called cause for celebration.

According to MyFoxNY, astro-numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn, who calls the week of palindromes a "phenomenal date," it is more than just acknowledging dates, words, and phrases that appear the same in any direction. To him, this month has a lot more significance.

For example, for 10 days in a row, if you add up all the numbers or digits in that dateline's day, it will give you that particular date. The example Strayhorn uses is today, April 14, where 4+1+4+1+4=14. In fact, it's the only month that does this, but only every century. So, in the spirit of Mr. Spock from Star Trek, who says "Live long and prosper," if you’re lucky, you may likely see another instance 100 years from now.

Finally, another point is worth mentioning. A deeper look into the date's numerology yields some other forms of symbolism or meaning: "Four is the number that rules the odd and unusual," Lloyd said. The number "one" stands for principle and foundation, the number "four" is the sign of Aquarius and represents a state of being "high strung and very sensitive."

Does Palindrome week have any significant meaning to you?



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