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Palin is no puppet


  • HUGH JASS 6 years ago


  • Cindy 6 years ago

    I think it's spot on. She gets it, unlike the Obama who can't see past the mirror.

  • chef tom 6 years ago

    Great story great editorial it is Palin that gives me hope that we can get through this radical Obama administration and get this country back on track starting in 2010 and 2012 with politicians just like SARAH PALIN . and for HUGH JASS typical democrat LOONEY response .

  • Dallas 6 years ago

    You have got to be KIDDING ME! Palin as a LEADER? She QUIT as the elected Governor of Alaska to make money. That reason ALONE disqualifies her to be any other elected leader. We need to get rid of all the democrats and people that voted for the government takeover bills, but Palin has ZERO chance to win. That is why the MSM keeps giving her all this air time -- they KNOW she is a joke and the current administration (as much I hate to admit it) would win over her in a cakewalk.

  • JP 6 years ago

    Silliness. She's a quitter. If she can't overcome/resolve her personal and political issues that caused her to quit as governor and abandon her state, why in God's name would we want her in a higher office? She has proven she is weak and unable to run a state without being overwhelmed, an office like the Presidency would crush her. America needs a reliable president, not a quitter.

    It would be nice if Americans also voted for a president who never told a bunch of separatists to "keep up the good work" while speaking at their convention, and who wasn't married to someone who wants to disolve the Union. In other words, a traitor.

  • soccer hooligan 6 years ago


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