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Palin is no puppet

...Now comes, predictably, the insistent rendering of Palin as a puppet, a portrayal that flies in the face of evidence that she possesses deep, if not always well-informed, personal convictions about America's role in the world. This criticism extends well beyond the political-humor crowd. It is at the heart of an anti-Palin narrative, peddled by cognoscenti in the media and foreign-policy elite, that depicts her, in patronizing fashion, as profoundly inept, like a small child unable to function without adult guidance. A typical example is Palin's increasingly belligerent tone on confronting a nuclear-weapons-seeking Iran. In adopting the view that the U.S. may one day have to bomb Iran to keep the mullahs from gaining nukes, Palin is said to be doing the bidding of the same camp of neoconservatives who campaigned for the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

"Isn't it a little scary to have someone like Sarah Palin speaking words put in her mouth by ideologues?" MSNBC's Chris Matthews asked rhetorically on his show, Hardball, in February. In a recent Washington Post op-ed column, Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International and host of the CNN show GPS, said that Palin was picking up her idea to "declare war on Iran" in a confused fashion from Daniel Pipes, a neocon analyst on Middle East affairs. Zakaria parenthetically added, with a heavy sigh, "It's getting tiresome to keep pointing out her serial gaffes, but Palin does appear to be running for president."

They Did It To Reagan, Too

Even within Republican circles in Washington, there is a school of thought that Palin is a "blank page," a tempting device for would-be handlers, as a former Bush staffer told a British journalist. This impression is fed, if inadvertently, by supporters who labor too hard to vouch for her intellectual credentials. Thus, in a blog posting, the veteran GOP hand Fred Malek offered this description of Palin's performance at an Alfalfa Club dinner of Washington VIPs to which he had invited her: "It was great to see her in deep conversations with people like Alan Greenspan, Madeleine Albright, Walter Isaacson, and Mitch McConnell. For sure, nothing shallow about this lady."

Washington's impression of Palin as clueless harks back to what was once a standard Washington perspective on Reagan as "an amiable dunce," as he was memorably called by the Democratic "wise man" Clark Clifford at a party in Georgetown in 1981, the first year of the Reagan presidency. Like other "politician-as-puppet" criticisms, that one has failed to survive careful scrutiny. A rough consensus has emerged that Reagan was a conviction politician who was sometimes misinformed and often passive but who, on the big issues, knew exactly where he wanted to go."

Full Story on National Journal

Editorial: The liberals and liberal progressives love to demean Conservatives like G.W. Bush, Reagan and now Palin. It seems to make their self-justified elitism more amiable while attacking Conservatives for being the elites. It's too bad that the Harvard and Yale educated liberals in the press can't see the forest for the trees. Palin is constantly attacked by lamestream media who claim she is puppet for the GOP or that she is well... just not as smart as a Democrat. If that was true, then why is it Palin always seems to get the rise out of the White House?

Last week Palin blasted Obama for his nuclear arms reduction plan as the US faces the largest nuclear threat of the century. Iran has all but given the US a milestone date as to when their nuclear power will be ready. Americans across the nation are worried about the threats of terrorism and nuclear development in countries that clearly display their disdain for the US and Obama moves in the opposite direction of public opinion, once more. Palin rightly states the case that the US should not be moving toward a reduction in nuclear arms when there are such valid risks, in lock step with public opinion. So what is Obama's response? "Palin is not an expert on nuclear weapons."

First that Obama even responded to an individuals comments, and second that Obama himself lacks the very same expertise that he condemns Palin for lacking is truly amazing. Obama is supposed to be listening to the advisers in his cabinette who are the experts who have such expertise and who have expressed their reservations about the Treaty. Palin on the other hand has taken into consideration the opinions of her advisers, the American People.

Perhaps it is safe to say Palin is a puppet of sorts, one that clearly listens to 'The People' which in my humble opinion is one of the true qualities of a great leader. I still have yet to determine who holds Obama strings, but it certainly is not the American people.


  • HUGH JASS 5 years ago


  • Cindy 5 years ago

    I think it's spot on. She gets it, unlike the Obama who can't see past the mirror.

  • chef tom 5 years ago

    Great story great editorial it is Palin that gives me hope that we can get through this radical Obama administration and get this country back on track starting in 2010 and 2012 with politicians just like SARAH PALIN . and for HUGH JASS typical democrat LOONEY response .

  • Dallas 5 years ago

    You have got to be KIDDING ME! Palin as a LEADER? She QUIT as the elected Governor of Alaska to make money. That reason ALONE disqualifies her to be any other elected leader. We need to get rid of all the democrats and people that voted for the government takeover bills, but Palin has ZERO chance to win. That is why the MSM keeps giving her all this air time -- they KNOW she is a joke and the current administration (as much I hate to admit it) would win over her in a cakewalk.

  • JP 5 years ago

    Silliness. She's a quitter. If she can't overcome/resolve her personal and political issues that caused her to quit as governor and abandon her state, why in God's name would we want her in a higher office? She has proven she is weak and unable to run a state without being overwhelmed, an office like the Presidency would crush her. America needs a reliable president, not a quitter.

    It would be nice if Americans also voted for a president who never told a bunch of separatists to "keep up the good work" while speaking at their convention, and who wasn't married to someone who wants to disolve the Union. In other words, a traitor.

  • soccer hooligan 5 years ago


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