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Palin endorses Handel in Senate race

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As she did in 2010, former Alaska governor and 2008 VP nominee Sarah Palin is endorsing Karen Handel in her bid for statewide Georgia office yesterday.

Unlike in 2010, this is for the Senate race (not the Governorship) and comes with enough time to hopefully push Handel over the finish line.

Recent polls show Handel a bit lower in potential votes. After a string of first-place or second-place consideration, Handel seemed to be slipping a little in a recent poll done by Landmark Communications that placed her fourth, as David Perdue seemed to be climbing to the top of the pack. The announcement by Palin, though, could bring some much needed attention back to Handel's outside record and help to get her into a top-two runoff after the May 20 primary.

As stated on The Erick Erickson Show, Handel was quite pleased by the endorsement.

"I am so honored and so thrilled, it has been a huge boost, people across the state and even across the country have been weighing in, she has been such a tremendous champion for, not just conservative women, but the conservative movement, so very honored."

In 2010, Palin's endorsement came just days before the gubernatorial runoff between Handel and Nathan Deal, won by just a couple of points by Deal. With more advance time this cycle, it is possible the endorsement has more of an effect this go-round.