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Palin Bastardizes American History...Again

Sarah Palin is Paul Revere
Sarah Palin is Paul Revere

Americans who attend school have to learn the basics of our country’s history in order to graduate and have an understanding of the events that shaped our democracy. There are some basic historical facts that are common knowledge to all Americans regardless of their education level or socio-economic status. It is especially incumbent on politicians to recognize certain facts as they go about the country visiting Historical landmarks because they often are asked to remark and comment on the influence certain events in our history have made on their lives as well as the course of the country. In the past three days, there is one pseudo-politician who has made a mockery of our heritage, history and our collective mindset and the media has been there to document each contemptible event.

Sarah Palin embarked on a tour of the Northeastern United States and at each venue has twisted the facts to fit her flawed historical understanding of the most basic American history. Either Palin never went to school in America, or she really is a moron of epic standing. Regarding her standing in the political landscape, it is worth mentioning that Palin holds no office and serves no function in our government. Her role of teabagger queen garners her attention, but she has become an embarrassment to the group that prides itself for their early American gravitas although their intellectual philosophy itself is flawed when concerning the Founding Fathers’ original intent.

Palin’s remarks echo her historical misunderstanding she displayed when she visited and spoke in at CSUStanislaus for a fundraising event near Modesto. When she spoke to Republicans at the school, she erroneously claimed that Ronald Reagan attended college in California. Despite the mistake, her supporters deified the Alaska quitter as inspiring and a “real American.” Palin has made that mistake pale in comparison to her misunderstanding of the Revolutionary war as well as the meaning and reason America was given the Statue of Liberty.

Palin’s description of Paul Revere’s ride to warn early Americans is another case of revisionist history gone awry. Palin claimed that Paul Revere’s famous ride was not to raise the alarm for Americans that the British were on the march toward colonists, but that he was riding to warn the British that Americans were armed and ready for them. Oops! Every 6th grade student in America must have choked when they heard the Wasilla teabagger dispute their history lessons, but if they follow Palin and her distorted historical knowledge, they just shrugged and thought, “What an idiot.” Saturday, Palin defend her remarks as liars are wont to do when their misspeaks are exposed.

Earlier in the week, Palin claimed the “STATUTE of Liberty” was a gift from Europeans to warn Americans not to make the same mistake they made. It is incomprehensible that a grown woman who allegedly has a college degree could be so uninformed; and just stupid. The sad part is that Palin had her young daughter in tow and the child had to experience her mother’s moronic explanation to the news media that the Statue of Liberty was a warning. It is sad for the child that her mother is embarrassing. However, Palin is not embarrassed because if anyone in the media calls her lies into question, she brings out the victim card and will claim she is being entrapped with gotcha questions.

Today on the phony news network, Fox News, Palin defended her fallacious history lesson saying, "I didn't mess up about Paul Revere, his ride was to warn the British, I know my American history." Palin may know her history, but she does not know American History, or immigration history, or historical landmark history. Earlier in the week Palin commented on the Dream Act and said that immigrants used to stand in line and go through the paperwork and process to enter America at Ellis Island, and that the Dream Act eliminates that process. Unfortunately for the historically challenged Palin, she is also stupid about the Dream Act. Her description of the Ellis Island process mirrors the Dream Acts’ requirements of getting in line, going through the paperwork, pay fines if necessary and learn English. Early immigrants were not required to learn English, but Palin would not have known that because she depends on the voices in her head instead of reading or studying the Dream Act.

Sarah Palin’s problems are her stupidity and her arrogant attitude that just because she makes a statement, it is true. That is the problem of all charlatans and liars. Palin feels she can make up her own facts and when questioned, she ramps up the victim level and lies more to engender sympathy and support from her teabagging minions. The only benefit of having Sarah Palin touring the country and running her mouth is that there is some entertainment value. Around the country people who finished the 6th grade are regaling in the knowledge that they are at least smarter than Sarah Palin. However, it is no mark of distinction to be smarter than Sarah Palin who cannot even get the name of the Statue of Liberty correct much less the moronic notion that it was a warning. A warning like Paul Revered gave to the British. There should be a warning on Sarah Palin’s lying mouth to alert listeners that whatever utters from this woman’s mouth is absurd and fallacious; just like Sarah Palin.


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