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Paliano, the High City from 'Magic: The Gathering - Conspiracy'

Paliano, the High City and friends
Paliano, the High City and friends
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Paliano, the High City is one of the newest Magic: The Gathering cards from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set Conspiracy. Revealed in an article by Matt Knicl on May 21, 2014, this rare legendary land can significantly help you cast spells in a multicolored deck and provide invaluable information in draft.

Paliano, the High City from "Conspiracy"
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Paliano, the High City
Legendary Land (Rare)
Reveal Paliano, the High City as you draft it. The player to your right chooses a color, you choose another color, then the player to your life chooses a third color.
Tap: Add one mana to your mana pool of any color chosen as you drafted cards named Paliano, the High City.

Unlike the Shards of Alara tri-lands, Paliano, the High City doesn't enter the battlefield tapped. Murming Bosk, which deals damage when you tap for two of the three colors it produces, saw competitive play because it'd potentially enter the battlefield untapped. Paliano, the High City's has a huge power improvement over the previously named cards, allowing you to use it immediately the turn you play it and without any loss of life. The downside is that the colors it produces aren't always exactly guaranteed to be the same as you're playing unless the people you're drafting with understand how to send and receive signals.

Paliano, the High City is more powerful when opened in the first or second pack, as its impact will be greater on the draft. One of the fundamental rules of drafting is that you aren't supposed to talk or tell your opponents anything. Paliano, the High City breaks this rule, allowing you to receive and send clear signals about what colors you and the two players next to you are running in their decks. There's a lot of data to be gleaned from Paliano, the High City when you draft it, and it can be used both to your advantage and against you as a weapon.

The player to your right is the first person to choose a color. They'll want to choose a color they're not playing, so that you're more likely to draft cards from the color they named instead. You'll then be able to choose a color you want to play, sending a clear signal to everyone at the table. Finally, the player to your left will choose however they'll be in an awkward position as two of the five colors have already been named.

Hypothetically Paliano, the High City will allow you to play nice with your neighbors, however this can all backfire on you. Other players may choose to hate draft the color you've picked.

How will you use Paliano, the High City?

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