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Paleo diet devotee and runner Katie Holmes campaigns for breast cancer

Katie Holmes campaigns for breast cancer awareness.
Katie Holmes campaigns for breast cancer awareness.
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Actress, fashion designer and devoted mom, Katie Holmes makes time to stay slim and healthy. Now she's hoping to help other women maintain their own health by teaming up with Kohl’s to raise awareness for breast cancer, reported Shape magazine on Feb. 14.

"I want to encourage women to continue to talk about breast cancer and make sure that we all get our check-up and take care of ourselves," says Katie.

"As a woman and a parent, I’m used to taking care of everyone around me, and we tend to neglect ourselves in an effort to take care of others. But in order to be there for the ones you love, you have to make sure you’re healthy."

The campaign that Katie supports provides customers with pink versions of Kohl's Cash coupons between February 12 and 17. They can then use those coupons toward purchases between February 18 to March 8 , which will result in a donation to Susan G. Komen breast cancer research foundation.

During her interview with Shape, Katie also joked about her own obsession with running.

"Is there a certain mileage you have to run per week to work at Shape magazine?" she asked the reporter.

Since Katie ran the New York marathon in 2008, she's been a dedicated runner.

“When I was training for the marathon, I was doing one long run a week and a day of sprints; it was very intense,” she says. “I prefer a long run because I love the runner’s high.”

In addition to staying slim with exercise, Katie is careful with her diet. Although she's a very modern mom, Katie carved those curves with the caveman Paleo diet, according to Radar Online.

“Katie is doing a mainly Paleo diet,” a source revealed. That caveman diet includes "lots of “fish, other lean proteins, and vegetables."

And even though Katie longs for mashed potatoes and muffins, she's determined to stay with the diet.

"Katie says she always craves comfort food and carbs in the winter, but she’s trying to stick to it," added the source.

Learn all about how and why the Paleo diet works for weight loss and health by clicking here.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Katie emphasized the virtues of veggies.

"I try to eat a lot of vegetables. In the winter, it's hard because all I want is pasta and cookies," she confessed.

In addition to running, Katie takes a variety of exercise classes.

"Spinning, yoga, boot-camp classes. Boot camp is hard. When I'm in a slump, a friend will text me and ask, 'Do you want to join me?' And I'm like, 'Aaaargh, do I have to?'" she joked.

As for her preference when it comes to yoga varieties, Katie likes it hot.

“I love Bikram yoga. I like the sweat. I feel like it’s good for me and good for my skin,” she said, according to Closer magazine.

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