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Paleo Breakfast Cooking Demonstration
Camilla Carboni

Most people love a good breakfast, but don't have the time to whip up a tasty dish. The good news is, this gourmet Italian-inspired Baked Egg dish featured above is quick, easy and oh-so-delicious. It's the perfect hearty breakfast for a work day and is packed with vitamins and minerals to power your day.

Caprese Baked Egg from
Camilla Carboni

Even better, at the Paleo Breakfast Cooking Demonstration on Tuesday, May 6th at 6pm, at the Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage in Littleton (corner Kipling and Coal Mine), Melissa and myself will show you how to make it from scratch...and then give you a taste!

At the Event we'll also cook up two other favorites: Agave Spiced Sausage and Paleo Apricot Muffins.

You can find these recipes and more at

We hope to see you there,

Camilla Carboni