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Pakistan newlyweds killed: Family killed them in honor killing

Wedding ring
Wedding ring
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In shocking news, Pakistani newlyweds were killed by their family in what they are calling an honor killing. On Sunday, CNN shared the news of this killing. The couple Sajjad Ahmed, 26, and Muawia Bibi, 18 were married on June 18. The family of Bibi did not want them to get married. They did this against their wishes and that is what had the family so upset with them.

Her father and uncle got the couple to go to Satrah in Punjab province. Once they got there they tied them up and then decapitated them. They didn't have witnesses, but the family knew what they did was wrong and then they turned themselves into the police for it. They might have got away with it if they had not turned themselves in to the police.

When these happen, police sometimes don't even get involved. They sometimes just simply consider it a family matter and let them handle it all on their own. Last year 869 women were killed in honor killings. This is not a new thing to happen over there, but that still doesn't make it okay.

Middle East Forums explains what honor killings are a bit more. They are "based on codes of morality and behavior that typify some cultures." Back in 2,000 United Nations said that they are about 5,000 honor killings every year. They are not just murder because they feel like they are doing it for a reason. They feel justified in the killings even though most people don't agree.

Police often shy away from these killings and let it slide. That is what makes it a bit shocking that this family is behind bars, but they made the decision to turn themselves in for it. It looks like they will end up serving the time for their crime by killing these Pakistani newlyweds in a honor killing.