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Pakistan jails doctor who helped USA catch bin Laden

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Top news coming in to a warm San Francisco today is about the doctor who helped the USA locate Osama bin Laden.

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According to, the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA catch the world's most wanted terrorist is being given 33 years in jail.

"Terrible that the USA doesn't just give him refuge since he did so much for us," says San Francisco resident, Catherine Aldwell.

Dr. Shakil Afridi is the doctor who helped and he ran a vaccination program that the USA was able to use to verify that Osama bin Laden's was indeed in Abbottabad, says Reuters.

Today, Pakistan gave Dr. Shakil Afridi a 33-year sentence for what they see as an act of treason.

In addition to the sentence, Afridi has been ordered to pay a fine of $3,500—or be prepared to spend an additional three and a half years in jail, reports the AP.

US-Pakistan relations are currently not good and requests to have Afridi released have been ignored.

Currently, Pakistan refuses to re-open supply routes to Afghanistan.

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