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Pairing: California riesling and Bengali cuisine

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Ever had Bengali Cuisine? This surprisingly simple, healthy, and spicy cuisine is easy to make at home and pair with wine! Recently Global Kitchens hosted a class taught by Reshma Sinha, a NYC chef and TV personality. Here she taught us the importance of fresh ingredients and how they can really make your at home dinners spectacular.

The menu consisted of Eggplant Fritters, Vegetable "meat" Balls, and a Puffed Rice dish with raw red onions, scallions, and mustard oil. These dishes are delicious and spicy and called for a nice Riesling. The wine pairing of the night was a 2012 J. Lohr Riesling, which is spectacular with Indian cuisine.

Why? Well, because Riesling has that little bit of residual sugar on the tongue that cuts through the spice in the cuisine, but doesn’t over power it or change the flavor in anyway. This particular riesling has a lot more ripe yellow apple on the palate and is crisp and refreshing.

Riesling gets a misunderstood reputation because many consumers tend to associate it with being a sweet wine. Although there are certainly many sweet rieslings on the market, the idea of all rieslings being sweet is not true. Rieslings from Alsace, France are bright with a lot of citrus, apple, and minerality. Rieslings from Germany are certainly sweeter and have different levels of sweetness.

This riesling is from California and is bright, crisp, and had just that little hint of residual sugar, which was just enough to cut through the spice, but without overpowering the meal or changing the unique and authentic bengali flavors.

Be sure to pick up some riesling next time you dine out, or in with Indian cuisine! Do you dare to pair?



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