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Pair up and wholesale shop for some of the best deals around


Buying smart when it comes to fashion has always meant keeping an eye out for bargains and paying attention to sales, both of which pay, but buying big can pay off too.  Wholesale shopping offers shoppers the opportunity to get great deals at bargain basement prices.  

Here's the catch:  Most of the time wholesale shops and sites require shoppers to buy more than one item at a time.   However, there are some great places to buy small or varied lots.

One of the best has to be Causeway Mall.  This online wholesale mall offers absolutely extraordinary deals.  There are dresses as low as $5.00 and coats as low as $7.00. They carry a full array of cute outfits and accessories.  The buying requirement is a minimum of two of each item, so this is a great place to pair up with a friend to go shopping.  

Another great place to buy lots is ebay.  Ebay requires that shoppers be selective, but wholesale lots of various sizes are fairly plentiful on ebay and shoppers can easily find brand name - as well as beautifully maintained vintage - clothing and accessories on ebay.  

Shopping lots carefully and considering price per item is key to finding the best deal, but that's always been the case with bargain buying.  These two sites are great places to start experimenting with wholesale.  


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