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Pair that are arrested for hit and run deaths held without bail

mug shot
mug shot
Philadelphia Police

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams called them "Bastards" during a press conference held yesterday, July 28, 2014, but early today, Jonathan Rosa and Cornelius Crawford were ordered held without bail for their roles in the events of July 25, 2014. Both were responsible when they are alleged to have carjacked a vehicle from a realtor, sexually assaulted her and then driven the vehicle when she was not driving it fast enough for them. The SUV blew a tire and crashed, killing Joseph Thomas Reed, 10, Keiearra Williams, 15, and Terrance Moore, 7,. They were selling fruits to help raise money for their church.

Rosa has no criminal record and his father told the media that he wants to "atone"for his crime. Crawford ,however is no stranger to jail and was in fact hiding from cops when he was found and arrested, near where the crime happened.

Both are charged with three counts of murder and sexual assault. Both can expect to spend life behind bars without out parole. It does not matter how sorry they are or if they intended to cause the deaths of three people. Second degree murder carries life without parole. If Rosa takes a plea, if it is offered, he can still expect to do hard time.No less than 20 years consecutive incarceration plus even 10 years for the other felonies will almost insure he dies behind bars, as he will do 70 years in jail before he is eligible for release. He is 19 now so he will be about 90 years old should he live than long, before being allowed to go free. Once in prison he will be separated from his friend and will be on his own for the duration of his sentence.

Rosa's lawyer, Christopher Warren said that, "He is having a difficult time getting over the image of that 15 year old girl coming over the hood of the car". he also claimed that Rosa was planning to enter the United States Marine Corps.

Philadelphia Basket Ball legend Charles Barkley has offered to pay for the funerals of the three girls.

Philadelphia Police would like to thank the general public and media outlets for their constant coverage of this story. They credit the bombardment of pleas for tips as crucial in getting them the help that they needed to close the case.

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