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Pair interviews on Long Beach excitement

Continuing from part one of the interview, Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray discuss the excitement about their upcoming live March 6 Long Beach tour-opening gig and more:

Ready to rock
Joe Dominguez

W.E. Which aspect of the upcoming live Long Beach show are you most excited about?

M.S. We’re really thrilled to play with Bobby Blunders again!

Y.W. I lived in Long Beach for a while – so I feel really connected to that city. It’s grown up quite a bit in the last ten years or so – but it still has so much of the personality that you get in a small town. Alex’s Bar is such a great room – and I’m looking forward to seeing all my Long Beach friends there – some of whom will be performing with us!

Excitingly, soon after the interview, a couple days later, Yuma Wray also shares, "I just found out that Free Moral Agents are headlining our kickoff show. Their frontman/keys player - Ikey Owens - produced and mixed our first album, played piano on our second - and is a former member of the Mars Volta, The Long Beach Dub All-Stars, and is Jack White's touring piano player in The Buzzards."

In the interview, some interesting influences are also intriguingly referenced:

W.E. What is your biggest inspiration?

M.S. At this point the drive to create music is so intertwined with our lives that I don’t even know if you can call it inspiration… it’s just a way of living. It’s how we cope and bond and how we process the world. There are, of course, great artists whose work we admire. I love Neko Case, Fleetwood Mac, Baroness, and Pink Floyd. People are always saying that there’s no way to create anything new, but I think that misses the point. It’s a wonderful cycle of taking in and observing what’s around you, the art of other people, people’s stories, you’re holding onto those things while you’re traveling and experiencing your own life. They’re in there like germinating seeds and when the time’s right, you put them out there for other people to experience with you. It makes you feel really connected to the past and to our common emotions and experiences.

Y.W. I’m gonna mention some inspiration I’ve talked about many times before, that was given to us by our good friend and musical contemporary, Mr. Chris Darby of Chicago. Three years ago – when Miss Shevaughn and I moved out of our apartment and into our car so that we could pursue touring and playing music full time – he told us to remember that “A bad day on the road is STILL better than a good day at a job you HATE."

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