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Pair an eye-catching poncho with neutral pieces

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I realize that this poncho  is frightfully expensive. Though not as frightful as how frail the girl wearing it is. Someone get her a glass of chocolate milk while I write this column. Also, get me one too.

Ponchos and capes are a great alternative to coats and jackets this fall and winter, and also a great addition to your wardrobe if you're looking for warm-weather pieces that aren't too snug on the body. While browsing on line, I found a few pieces I liked in neutral colors like black and gray, but if you're going to invest in a piece this unique, I feel more inclined toward one of the more eye-catching prints. Some of my favorites from this season (and seasons passed) include graphic prints that are have a little Southwestern flare, or maybe even something that looks Native American (Indian?)-ish. I don't know what the politically correct term is. Doesn't it change every year? Don't blame me, I grew up cheering for a little football team by the name of The Washington Redskins. See? Not my fault.

If you do opt for one of the bolder prints, be mindful to temper it with neutral tones. This includes accessories. Wear a pair of caramel colored boots, a hijab in a similar color, and go easy on the accessories. Also, even though the poncho/cape is a piece meant to be worn atop something, keep whatever is underneath in a solid color. I'm fond of mixing prints, but in this case the poncho is your standout piece that really doesn't need any extra help standing out.