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Franklin Evans Paintingasupermodel
Franklin Evans Paintingasupermodel

Franklin Evans, Paintingasupermodel

Ameringer|McEnerry|Yohe, NYC

5 June - 1 August, 2014

Institutionally trained painter, Franklin Evans , hails from Nevada and is currently settled in New York. He considers himself an 'interdisciplinary artist... with strong ties to painting.' His current exhibition paintingasupermodel, is an installation comprised of wall painting/collages, eight large paintings, 1,500 square feet of digital prints on paper/canvas/silk, photographic sculptures, floor works, and sculpture vitrines that alter the architecture of the gallery. It's a pretty mind-blowing experience.

Inspiration: paintingasupermodel is inspired by Yves-Alain Bois book, 'Painting As Model'.

Medium: His studio rubble, inkjet printing, digital prints, acrylic paint, sketches, tape, faux polaroid, press releases

My Favorite Piece: Evan's interpretation of Bois' Matisse essay.

Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe Gallery: A contemporary art gallery, Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe Gallery, 'is rooted in the Modernist tradition with an emphasis on painting and drawing and regularly mounts exhibitions by 20th-century masters.' Located in West Chelsea, the space feels as though you're walking through a friend's home. Warm, inviting, great light and Evan's installation throughout the rooms is perfectly curated.

'My work explores forms and ideas that consider the near-infinite cycle of recombination. Through painting, text, performance, and collaboration, I present open system environments that are both symbiotic and cannibalistic. Moreover, through the abundance of simultaneous open systems, I explore the shifting nature of knowledge. My work suggests the not-quite-finished, the in-transition, the nearly-emerging, the slowly-evolving, the near-end, and the move-toward-erasure.' - Franklin Evans

More pics: HERE

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