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Painting even if you are not an artist: Part One

Art supplies
Art supplies
JN 2-17-10

We are not all blessed with artistic talent.  But that doesn't mean that you are not capable of creating an original painting for your home or friends.  Artwork can be so expensive, so why not create your own painting for a fraction of the cost.  It will be so rewarding to see something that you created hanging in your home.

So what should you paint?  The key to making your art look professional is to paint something simple and basic.  Don't try to create a detailed landscape or portrait.  Simple shapes like circles or waves can lead to a striking piece of art. If you are creatively challenged and need help thinking of what to paint, Google images is a wonderful tool  For example "abstract circles" brings up over 900,000 images.  Flip through some pages for inspiration.  You don't have to paint an exact replica, just use this to get ideas and feel free to simplify the image you choose to paint.   

You'll need a few inexpensive items to get started.  Michael's ( is a great place to get each of these items:

  • Canvas - start small, for example a 4x6 inch wrapped canvas is perfect for beginners and fits nicely on a small wall or nook.  You can increase the size of your canvas once you feel more comfortable with painting.  A 4x6 inch canvas costs about $6.
  • Paintbrushes - 1 thin tip, 1 medium medium.  A starter brush kit with 3 brushes is under $5.
  • Acrylic paint - it's water based and easy for beginners.  Pick 3 to 5 colors and try to pick at least 1 neutral.  Think of the color wheel: Red, Blue and Yellow are the basic colors of all other colors.  Red and blue make purple, yellow and red make orange, blue and yellow make green.  You can basically create any color simply by mixing the three basic colors.  Also let the picture you have in mind guide your color choices.  Each bottle costs less than $1.  
  • Paint palette - you will need this for mixing your paints and the cheapest will do, less than $2.

Please refer to "Painting even if you are not an artist: Part Two" for next steps.


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