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Painting a picture of Irina the cat

Painting a picture of a pet cat is a budget friendly method for creating personalized art. Irina the cat is a black kitty cat with coppery eyes, and a mischievous penchant for getting "lost" for a few hours. Irina always comes home, but it can be quite disconcerting when she decides to go away for over half a day. So what better way to express frustration with this intrepid exploring cat's deposition than to paint a picture of her running out of a path from the woods. Here are the steps that were used to create an oil painting for Irina next to a grassy clearing.

This picture of Irina the cat was created with  oil paints.
This picture of Irina the cat was created with oil paints.
Painting by Julia Hanna
Painting of a picture of Irina the cat with oil paints.
Painting by Julia Hanna.

Step 1:

A picture of Irina was drawn on rough draft paper. Drawing a picture on a rough draft paper allows the artist to make changes before creating the final design.

Step 2:

Tracing paper was used to copy the image of Irina from the initial drawing. The paper is used to trace over the drawing, and then the paper is flipped over, and the same image is traced on the back side of the paper. This step is necessary because the layer of graphite under the tracing allows the image to be transferred onto another surface.

Step 3:

A pencil was used to transfer the image from the tracing paper to the canvas.

Step 4:

The sky behind Irina was painted in with a light blue shade of paint. The mountains in the distance were created with various shades of burnt sienna and green paints.

Step 5:

The trees behind Irina were painted in with several shades of brown paint.

Step 6:

Several shades of green paint were used to create the grassy clearing where Irina is located.

Step 7:

The path Irina is on in the painting was created by blending ochre and white shades of paint.

Step 8:

The painting sat to dry for several days before being hung on the wall.

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