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Painting a car for demolition

April 6th, 2014, Imperial Beach, CA

Art Kid, Ily Alfred is working on the logo for the Surf Hut in Imperial Beach and one of the sponsors of the car.
Barbara Feilen

One of their latest projects is to paint an entire car for the expressed purpose of demolition. The Art Kids of San Diego County, are hand painting a car for the Imperial Beach Fire Department so that driver and fireman Ehren Kahle can drive it in the June 7th demolition derby at the Del Mar Fair grounds. It is important to make it look fantastic, a real piece of art so that people will take notice of this vehicle while it is being destroyed, Stated the director of, The Art Kids of San Diego County."(TAKOSDC)

The kids are taking this project very seriously as they wish to show people what they are capable of doing with their paint and brushes. Photos will be taken before, during, after the painting is done and after the derby is finished. I think that the car will represent a whole new type of art sculpture after the derby. Each one of the art kids who worked on this project will sign the vehicle where they did the most work.

The vehicle will be painted with all the sponsors logos, various characters, numbers and designs as to make the vehicle a true piece of colorful art. The vehicle is being worked on at the Imperial Beach Fire station and will be done for the demolition derby in June. TAKOSDC is using acrylic paint which is very good for this application because it dries quickly and has a long artistic life. In this case though the long life is not really important, it only has to last until June.

The purpose of this endeavor is to support and raise money for the Burn institute. It is important that people become aware of just what the institute does and how hard they work to help those who suffer from burns. For TAKOSDC it is extremely important because many of the burn victims are kids and The Art Kids want them to know that they care for everyone, especially kids. It is kids helping kids and making a difference within the community.

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