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Painted Palms coming to Bunk Bar -- coming to take you away, take you today

Cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme, of Painted Palms, have managed to create a musical gem of a debut, Forever, despite their initial physical distance in working together. While you might think most band members write within close proximity, this has not been so for the duo who’ll be playing the Bunk Bar July 3.

Painted Palms

After having grown up together in Lafayette, Louisiana, Donohue made his way west to San Francisco while Prudhomme stayed near New Orleans. As a result, the two emailed ideas back and forth. Their collaboration culminated with their first release Canopy, which was discovered by of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, resulting in tours with Barnes and band, Briads and STRFKR before Prudhomme eventually joined Donohue in San Francisco.

Now, despite the living together, there seemed to be a ingenuity in working individually and then joining ideas via computer, just like the old days. This creative habit contributed to the songs that soon became Forever. While Donohue sent Prudomme constructed melodies and musical loops, Prudhomme volleyed with vocal melodies until they refined their songs. The added ingredient this time was Prudhomme's skillful use of classic pop structures.

From the first track, Too High, and throughout the album, Painted Palms has exquisitely crafted a lush and layered 60s psychedelic pop sound reminiscent of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Turtles. But Painted Palms invites you on their own pop journey into a musical wonderland. Additionally, any references to the aforementioned bands could be interpreted as a nostalgia revival of being happy together with good vibrations of a magical mystery tour. Yet you’d be missing what originally made 60s pop so appealing, and before pop become a tarnished three-letter word.

Because just when you think it might sound like 1967, Painted Palms brushes their own marmalade skies with an aural sparkle. Their luxuriant sound transports you into a contemporary netherworld with musical flare. From Too High to Hypnotic, Carousel to Sleepwalking, Donohue and Prudhomme colorfully explore everywhere while staying in place.

Humorously addressing the cerebral content behind the album, Prudhomme portrays a self-absorbed artist who philosophizes in a In The Now self-interview video and dryly states the concept, “The relationship you have with yourself”. The interviewer asked if it has yielded a greater understanding of himself. Even drier he replies, “No, not really.” But earlier in the interview Prudhomme expounds, “Patience is feeling like there’s no such thing as some place else.” The interviewer asks, "Does that help?". Prudhomme again, “No, not really.” This is Forever.

With profound reflection and playful introspection, Painted Palms has blown a fresh breeze into their psychedelic flavored pop that embraces all the subtleties of what made 60s pop great and what they have yet to create. Through a mindful patience of relationship examination, Painted Palms has manifested a new trip that is sure to take you away.

Tickets are not available online but maybe available at the door. Doors open at 9pm, show at 10pm. Tickets 12$, 21 and over.

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