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Paint from the heart: Story of Talgarth

Talgarth Wales paintings by James George
Talgarth Wales paintings by James George
James George

Frank Lloyd Wright had his Taliesin that he created in Wisconsin as his studio. It was named for and inspired by his ancestral village in Wales. About one hour and a half drive south and east from there is Talgarth. Talgarth means tall mountain and refers to the Brecon Beacons and Black Hills in the area surrounding the place of ancient history including my own.

Painting in my studio
Maureen George

My great grand ancestor, Henry George departed Talgarth in the late 1790’s along with his wife, Mary Beavans, and one son John. Henry was born in Talgarth in 1761. Mary was born in the vicinity in 1759. Now, I have a very long and well documented story about them, and their ancestors that includes family members being knighted and becoming constable. It includes their being farmers mostly and stonemasons.

A central architectural feature of Talgarth is the town hall with a clock that was built in the mid 1300s. I imagine some George’s had a hand in laying those stones and others in the town that is a mass of stonework.

North along the road going from Talgarth is the next village, Brecon, midway there is an old castle called Bronyls. When you see it from the road, you might think that it is just an old silo. In fact, one might imagine farm silos having been inspired by these ancient works. Bronyls was once a most significant castle in Wales as was Talgarth when it was a major city in Medieval times.

So, I set about to paint the town, and here is what I have. I will continue along this quest to discover more about the place from which George’s came and to learn why they came to America.

To be continued.


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