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Painkiller overdoses decrease as herion overdoses increase

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Overdoses are on the rise in Kentucky. The number of people seen in emergency rooms is getting bigger. According to a February 22 report by UPI, the number of painkiller overdoses have decreased, but the number of heroin overdoses have increased.

Thousands of people have been seen in Kentucky emergency rooms for overdosing on opiates and opioids. The primary cause of deaths in the state are due to pharmaceutical opioids. Librium and Valium, both benzodiazepines, are the “primary drugs” involved in overdoses that involved an emergency room visit.

It is believed that “self-harm” is the main reason for the hospitalizations. That is very much like the reports from 2000 through 2011. It appears the only thing changing is what people are using to hurt themselves.

It is believed that the reasons the heroin overdoses have to do with the crackdown on pharmaceutical opioids and the cost of heroin It is becoming harder to get prescription painkillers and the cost of heroin is going down, making heroin easier to buy.



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