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Pain does not cause Runner's Highs, says new adult fitness & exercise science

Craig using Body Oars to on just core muscles to cause a runner's high, without any stress on joints or spinal disks
Craig Wise

Millions of people are addicted to running because after a few minutes of torturous impacts, they experience a Runner's High, and all that pain vanishes.

This condition causes them to feel wonderful, even exhilarated, which motivates them to run farther, and again as soon as possible.

Runner's Highs release an endorphin rush of powerful painkillers, as well as natural drugs that help strengthen the body. Because the euphoric effect has always happened for runners while in considerable pain, it was logical for fitness and exercise science experts to assume that prolonged pain during strenuous exercise causes Runner's Highs.

Observations from a long term private study of adult exercise efficiency indicates that something else, or at least another condition can also cause Runner's Highs.

This morning, March 6, 2014, the engineers from the Adult Exercise Efficiency Project released another report of their findings to examiner news, exclusively.

"Almost every day for the last seven years, we have caused Runner's Highs for average adults and seniors, including many who could not run a single stride, using only fatigue, instead of pain".

"By maintaining fatigue while holding a training heart rate, which is the point their speaking voice slightly stresses, instead of checking some wall chart, these people also painlessly reach Runner's Highs".

The adults and seniors they are referring to do not experience any pain during the workout because the cardio exercises methods the protect engineers call Aimed Resistance Force exercises, or ARF for short, do not use bones, joints and spinal disks to oppose (fight) muscle contractions, as virtually every stout muscle or cardio exercise has since the beginning of fitness awareness, thousands of years ago.

Unlike running, Aimed Resistance Force cardio exercises are painless because they only allow stout motion resistance energy to move across the spine and extremity bones, never parallel (up and down) to them, as virtually all stout traditional cardio exercises always have.

They reported several years ago that stout exercises, that do not allow motion resistance to move up and down the spine or extremity bones, are naturally painless, while doing them. This is because crossing resistance does not use joints or disks to oppose (fight) muscle contractions, as all traditional exercises still do.

Traditional cardio exercises work the skeleton first, making joints and disks much harder for muscles to move, thus creating painful muscle and cardio exercise. So pain has always been associated with causing Runner's Highs, because it makes it go away, even though the pain may have had nothing to do with causing them.

"As long as users can continue speaking with only a little bit of stress in their voice, once they are fatiguing, we persuade them to continue for a few more minutes. Suddenly the endorphin rush hits them and they feel as if they are floating in a cloud, and their fatigue is gone".

"The biggest problem we have had with beginning adults in average to poor physical condition is that they need to end the workout just after a couple minutes after causing the Runner's High, to avoid deep core muscle bruising that becomes extremely painful a few hours later."

They explained that Runner's Highs appear to be a very empowering condition for average to less mobile adults to experience, and that once they have felt them a few times, they start becoming addicted to working out, much as runner's become addicted to running.

An addiction is not bad if it only motivates people to exercise three times a week.

In conclusion, they told examiner, "We are not saying that pain does not cause Runner's Highs, but that Runner's highs can be painlessly caused with only fatigue while maintaining a working heart rate".

Here is a link to one of their ARF cardio workouts called the Robot. The Robot also exerts almost every muscle in the body simultaneously to rapidly and gently cause painless fatigue at a working heart rate, about a minute or two before causing a Runner's High.

So far this not for profit Adult Exercise Efficiency project has developed over a dozen ARF cardio workouts, mostly for water, which painlessly cause Runner's Highs . Beside pool access there is nothing to buy, even a swim suit is optional, but they are usually appreciated at public pools.

Do not try any new exercise methods until you fully understand them, and have your doctor's blessings.

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