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'Pain and Gain' celebrated at Alamo Drafthouse

   Will Michael Bay hit a home run, or strike out with 'Pain and Gain'?
Will Michael Bay hit a home run, or strike out with 'Pain and Gain'?
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Austin's own movie-and-a-show mecca, Alamo Drafthouse Theater, celebrates upcoming action pic Pain and Gain with a special pre-screening with themed menu items, as well as hours of other Michael Bay films, special give-aways and prizes, and some man-tastic and muscle-bound pre-show entertinament. 'Baymaggedon' hits select Alamo Drafthouses on April 21st at 2 p.m.

It's funny that the quirky movie/eatery Alamo Drafthouse is celebrating what is bound to be a somewhat controversial new action pic by vapid blockbuster-creating maven Michael Bay (Transformers). But then it's part of the Tough Guy Cinema repatoire, and gives all the muscle-bound mooks out there a chance to spend a little time in a darkened theater taking in their "steroids" cinematically.

The movie, which surrounds a couple of bodybuilders (played by The Rock and Mark Wahlberg) try their hand at petty crime and get unwittingly involved in an extortion ring, will probably be a tongue-in-cheek action/comedy reminescent of Transformers. There will be special themed menu items created specially for the event by Alamo Drafthouse chef Trish Eichelberger, with selections including "Paul Doyle's Carbo Load" and "The Lean and Mean."

Participating Alamo Drafthouses include Austin's Ritz, Vintage Park in Houston, Mainstreet in Kansas City, and Littleton in Littleton, Colorado. Ticket price is $30, and if you're interested in this "Baymaggedon" then click here to buy tickets.