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Paige VanZant answers Rose Namajunas' callout, plans to settle it in the cage

Paige VanZant responded to Rose Namajunas' callout
Paige VanZant responded to Rose Namajunas' callout
Photo by Eric Holden

According to a Jan. 4 report from, hard-hitting Team Alpha Male standout Paige "12 Gauge" VanZant (3-1) has finally responded to Rose Namajunas' "respectful" callout.

VanZant, 19, says she has nothing against Namajunas (2-1), but that she would be more than happy to test her skills against her.

“I believe that this show is going to show people what I am made of,” VanZant said of her upcoming appearance on TUF 20, a show that Namajunas will also be featured on. “If anyone followed my career as a fighter they could see that I was not on my game when I fought Tecia, and that was before I started training with Team Alpha Male. I am an entirely new fighter now and I cant wait to show everyone what I am made of.

“Rose respectfully said that she would fight me." VanZant apparently then told ProMMANow that they will "leave it all in the cage."

VanZant's comments didn't stir the pot much, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise since it's always been her style to do the talking with her fists and not her mouth.

"12 Gauge" likely mentioned Namajunas in her interview with ProMMANow, because "Thug" told WMMAJamLive radio back in Nov. of 2013 that she was hoping to fight VanZant the next time she entered the cage.

"Really anyone who is in contention for the title, but I know that it wouldn't really make sense for me right now to do that just because I lost my last fight. I'm sure I would have to work my way back up," Namajunas stated when asked by show host Stacey Lynn who she would like to fight next. "One of the names that kind of just popped into my head kind of recently was Paige VanZant. Just because she's a good crowd-drawer.

"She's got a name to her, and we both lost to Tecia [Torres]. And stylistically I think I match up with her really well. I think that would be an exciting fight. But other than that, I'm terrible with all these names, but really anyone that is going in that top ten contender spot or even title contender spot so I can just get my butt back in there."

TUF 20 is set to film in the summer of 2014, so VanZant could soon find herself inside the cage opposite Namajunas.

“I believe that we were all chosen for a specific reason," VanZant said of the TUF 20 athletes. "This is a very talented group of girls and we all bring something different to the table. This is going to be the best season of The Ultimate Fighter that the world has ever seen. This season will go down in history."

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