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Pageboy faints as Queen delivers speech while not skipping a beat

On June 4, a pageboy who sat near the foot of the Queen's throne apparently succumbed to all the pomp and circumstance for which he was a part. As Elizabeth II delivered a seminal speech during the State opening of the Parliament in the House of Lords, this formally dressed youngster fainted. While those on hand could hear the thump as he fell, all of which was captured on a video from Yahoo! UK, Her Majesty continued to read her written material.

The State Opening of Parliament at the House of Lords
The State Opening of Parliament at the House of Lords Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images
Camilla and Charles reach out to page boy who fainted
Camilla and Charles reach out to page boy who faintedPhoto by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Indeed, this veteran Royal did not stop, nor did she falter. She simply continued delivering her material, not skipping a single beat while doing so. However, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall not only noticed this unfortunate situation that happened at the Palace of Westminster in London, but Charles and Camilla graciously put out their hands to help the poor bloke.

Meanwhile, the pageboy fainted eight minutes and 53 seconds into the Queen's ten-minute speech, to be precise. At that point, he was positioned about eight feet from Her Majesty. Although the name of the boy who collapsed was not named, the four boys who served during this ceremony as expressed in the official program for the proceedings were Hugo Bertie, Viscount Aithrie, Charles Armstrong-Jones and Arthur Chatto.

A House of Lords spokesperson did confirm that one of these chaps did faint "slightly" but he is "now fine." This official added, "[The pageboy] is with his family and there is no problem."

As for the occasion during which the pageboy fainting episode occurred, Queen Elizabeth II was on hand to unveil the coalition government's legislative program to Members of Parliament and Peers. Proposed legislation introduced by Her Majesty spoke about placing a minimal charge for providing plastic bags when shopping as well as for funding workplace pensions, among other jurisdictional matters.