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Pageant winners strip down in support of animals

Four past Miss USA winners strip down for animal rights and PETA.

It's the spirit of Miss USAs past; spirit, as in spunky gals willing to go full Monty for animal rights. Past winners Shanna Moakler (1995), Shandi Finnessey (2004), Susie Castillo (2003) and Alyssa Campanella (2011) posed for a new PETA ad glamorously photographed in black and white that says "Feel beautiful in your own skin and let animals keep theirs".

The gals have joined with PETA in their effort to get the pageant industry to just say no to fur. Outspoken Shanna Moakler stated that one of the usual prizes for winners is a fur coat, and no socially-aware woman would want such.

The fur industry was making over $300 million in 2000. Animal acitivist groups worldwide have exposed the rampant animal cruelty visited upon animals raised for their skins. PETA has gone out of its way to discourage the buying of fur by way of endless educational material and some controversial protests of major fur suppliers.

Either way, no one can argue that the end result for a mink, fox, or rabbit is to be skinned. In this day and age, the wearing of furs is unnecessary and just plain cruel, and that is the message our Miss USA winners wish to get across.

PETA (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has raised eyebrows in the past with some of their campaigns. Now and again, their methods seem more like madness than effectiveness, but there is no no doubt that the organization has its heart in the right place and no doubt that people more often than not remember their ads.

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