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Pagan tools: The mirror

Pagans use mirrors for a variety of purposes
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Mirrors are a common item that can be found in most homes throughout the world. People use mirrors to look at their reflections many times throughout the day. Pagans use mirrors for the same purpose and for a few other reasons.

Pagans use mirrors for divination purposes. They also use mirrors during spell work and rituals. These reflective tools can be used to attract energies, repel evil, protect, increase clairvoyance, and help a person gain knowledge about past lives.

There are a few types of mirrors that can be used for magical purposes. Small, round, frameless mirrors are the most commonly used mirrors. Some Pagans prefer to use handheld mirrors. Sometimes the mirror that is used during scrying is made of dark stained glass.

Mirror gazing is a common scrying method. One way to do this is by standing in front of a mirror and gazing into the reflection. Visions will appear in the mirror. The visions can be interpreted. Another way to mirror gaze is to place a mirror flat on a table. Light a candle and place it close to the mirror so that the flame is reflected onto its surface. Gaze into the mirror and interpret the flame and visual images that appear. Mirror gazing is a useful tool to those who are trying to increase their clairvoyant abilities.

A mirror can be used to protect a person from negative energies and dark magic by repelling that energy away. One can also use a magic mirror to direct positive energies towards someone or something.

Warding and binding the household and magical mirrors in your home can protect your home from unwanted spirits. Doing this can also employ magical self-defense against others who will use these portals to do you harm.

Magical mirrors can be bought in stores and online. Many Pagans like to make handmade mirrors.

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