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Pagan crafts for children: Imbolc sheep magnet

Imbolc sheep magnets are a fun craft for Pagan children to make
Imbolc sheep magnets are a fun craft for Pagan children to make
Sheila Buck

Imbolc is on February 2nd. Sheep are a symbol of this Sabbat. Pagan children will have fun making a sheep magnet to display on their refrigerator. The following is a simple Imbolc sheep magnet craft.


There are not a lot of materials needed for this craft. Most of the supplies may already be available at home. If not, the materials can be purchased at Super Wal-Mart in Bangor. The following items are needed for this craft:

Printed sheep template (if possible, scale the image to 75% before printing)

Tan craft foam


Magnet tape

Cotton balls


Thin tipped black marker or pen

Small googly eye


This is a very simple craft for children to make. Small children may need help using the scissors. The following are the directions for this craft.

  • Choose a work area and place all of the materials onto the surface.
  • Use the scissors to cut the sheep pattern from the paper. Turn the sheep shape over and place it onto the craft foam. Use the marker or pen to trace the shape onto the foam. Use the scissors to cut the sheep from the craft foam. Turn the foam sheep over so that the drawing lines can’t be seen.
  • Take 5 cotton balls and use the scissors to cut each ball in half. Glue the cotton balls to the body of the sheep, leaving the head and most of the legs bare. Pull a little cotton off another ball and glue the small piece of cotton to the top of the sheep’s head.
  • Use the pen or marker to draw the nose and mouth onto the face of the sheep and color the bottoms of the feet black.
  • Glue the googly eye to the face of the sheep above the nose. Let all of the glue dry.
  • Use the scissors to cut a 1 inch piece of magnet tape. Turn the sheep over and glue the magnet tape to the back of the sheep. Let the glue dry. Place the Imbolc sheep magnet on the refrigerator.
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