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Pagan crafts for children: Decorated Ostara eggs

Natural dyes, stickers, markers, paint, and candle wax can be used to decorate eggs.
Natural dyes, stickers, markers, paint, and candle wax can be used to decorate eggs.
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As we near the Ostara Sabbat, Pagan children and their families are thinking of ways to decorate this year’s eggs. There are several ways to decorate Ostara eggs. The following are some ideas that Pagan families can decorate Ostara eggs.

Dying eggs

Dying eggs is a common activity during this time of year. Egg dyes can be bought premade at local department and grocery stores. Natural dyes are popular amongst Pagans. Natural dyes can be made from ingredients that may be available at home.


Ostara is the first day of spring. Spring related stickers can be purchased at area craft and department stores. Stickers of chicks, bunnies, birds, birdhouses, baskets, flowers, and other spring symbols can be used to decorate Ostara eggs. The stickers can be placed on dyed or plain eggs.

Colored eggs

Markers can be used to make decorations on eggs. Use Ostara related colors and other pastel colors to draw polka dots, swirls, lines, or other shapes onto the eggs. Markers can also be used to make a tie dye or stained glass pattern on an egg.

Painted eggs

Acrylic paints can also be used to decorate Ostara eggs. Eggs can be painted solid colors. Pagan symbols can be painted onto solid colored eggs. Paints can also be used to place lines, polka dots, and other decorations onto the eggs. The size of the brush tip will determine the width of the lines and the size of the dots.

Candle drips

After making the boiled eggs and cooling them, place the eggs back into their carton. Light candles and let them burn for a few minutes. Hold the candle over the eggs and tilt it. Let the wax drip over the eggs. Let the wax dry and turn the eggs over so that the other side can be done. Drip the candle wax onto the eggs and let the wax dry again. A different color can be used for each egg. More than one color can also be used on each egg. Be creative.

Dyed eggs can be placed in colored Ostara egg holders or placed in baskets throughout the home.

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